Referring to the direction of ULM development, the 2020 – 2024 stage is directed at the availability of Superior Resources in the superior field of the wetland environment, before finally arriving at the ULM stage as the National Wetland Development Center of Excellence (2019-2023) and the ULM stage as the Land Development Center  Wet Asia-Pacific in 2027.

 In line with this, the Vision of the Physics Education Study Program is to become an Educational Personnel Education Institution in the field of Physics Education that is leading, characterized, and competitive in the field of wetland physics education by 2023, whose graduates have professional academic abilities, are literate in science and technology, are competitive.  tall, noble, and devoted to God Almighty.

 Physics Education FKIP ULM is a study program that prioritizes local wisdom and the wetland environment.  Local wisdom makes an area has its own characteristics, such as sasirangan cloth which is still preserved by the community.  With the implementation of physics on local wisdom, it can provide new innovations that are superior and able to compete today.

 In addition, the physical integrity in the field of the wetland environment, such as peatlands, can be used to produce quality rice, which is well-known by outsiders.  In order to maintain the quality of rice and maximize the use of the peatlands, it is necessary to integrate physics.

Therefore, in 2022, the National Seminar on Physics Education with the theme “Physics Education Towards Excellence, Leading, and Competitiveness in the Integration of Wetlands and Local Wisdom”